Friday, May 24, 2019

Lots of Light

The day began EARLY, way before sunrise. It's hard to believe but it was already light! We headed to Pyramid Lake and these photos are from the bridge going to Pyramid Island. The reflections were beautiful! These are before sunrise.

We heard this loon long before we saw him.

Sunrise came but we never saw the sun because of the MANY clouds. There was more light though and we finally saw a little bit of color in the clouds.

The bridge to Pyramid Island looking toward the road 
Our main photo spot for the morning
and looking toward the island.
No other people were around this morning.

On our way home, we stopped at Patricia Lake and found some elk.

Then it was time to head home for breakfast in front of the fireplace and hot showers - it was rather cold out on this cloudy day. 

We decided to just relaxed for a while. We did have a little drama with Ray's Lightroom hard drive. We may now have a corrupted hard drive with is way out of my expertise. Somehow the hard drive came unplugged when Ray was using it. Now we can't access anything on that drive including all of his photos prior to today. I think they are still there - we just need a TECH guy!

Around 2:30 this afternoon, we took a walk around town and were enjoying ice cream when we had a text from our hosts telling us two locations where a bear with cub(s) had been sighted. We returned home, got the jeep and went bear hunting.

We went to Marmot Basin, a new area for us. This ski area is closed but the road to it is open. It is a totally different perspective on the scenery because the road is at a high elevation. 

We drove all of the way up and back. No bear. No bear cubs. Just before we got back, we found some deer. This one posed nicely!

Sunset is about 10 pm tonight. I'm not sure what time it gets really dark - I've waited up a couple of nights and I always end up in bed before it happens. Tonight I'm not waiting up!



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