Monday, May 20, 2019


The journey is the destination

We have arrived in Jasper but we have many more places to look forward to on this trip. The journey really is our destination.

I'll write more about our time in Jasper in days to come and also our rental which is great. For now I'll just say we are both delighted to be back in the Canadian Rockies.

Last night we stayed at An Intimate Garden B and B. We had our own apartment on the second flour of the retreat building. There is another apartment downstairs and a retreat center.

Here is a quick tour of our apartment in the retreat center.

It is small and cozy and it served us fine! I happened to come across this B and B online and we just took a chance. We are both so glad we did!

I didn't get pictures of our breakfast this morning but it was scrumptious! Our hosts fixed us a yogurt/fruit dish, French toast with strawberries, and ham. It was a very enjoyable breakfast with both Wendy and Don. The yogurt/fruit dish was a mixture of fresh fruit in a ramekin (banana, strawberry, pineapple, peach or mango, or anything!) covered with yogurt then sprinkled with brown sugar. The ramekin was baked enough to get everything warm - it was so good!

After I posted last night we took another walk. Here's one of the photos I took.

We have a lot of daylight each day right now since we are so far north. Today the sun came up shortly after 5 AM and sunset will be at 9:50 PM. Of course we have daylight a little longer - I love it!

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