Thursday, May 30, 2019

O Canada!


We have arrived in Columbia Falls, MT, met our hosts, moved in, and are now relaxing by a fire in a very nice rental. It's been a long day. We left Canmore in the rain which continued to the border (about 5 1/2 hours). Then the sun shone a little and we had a tail wind!

It was hard to leave Canada. We enjoyed the places we stayed (in Canmore, here), the places we visited, the people we met, the diversity of the people, the time we spent outdoors, the longer daylight, everything! Thank you! Merci!

On our way today, we saw this waterfall while still in Alberta.

We had to drive in the narrows in British Columbia.

We crossed the border at Roosville  crossing (Grasmere, BC, and Eureka, MT). We were in a line but it only took 10-15 minutes.

The skies started to clear some in Montana. We just heard on the news that the Northern Alberta wildfires are affecting the air quality in western Montana. Looks like we'll keep our haziness.

Before we left Banff yesterday, we went up the mountain towards Mt. Norquay, a ski area. About 1/2 mile before you get there is an amazing overlook. We found it when we were in the area 4 years ago and I think it is one of my favorite places. There are 2 red chairs. The current red chairs have a built-in table between so they aren't as close as the 'old' ones. We still wanted a selfie like the one from 2015. (Canada Tourism has placed oversized red Adirondack chairs at some very scenic places around their nation.)

Our view from the red chairs - a little hazy bur nice.

Last night we walked to our favorite bridge for sunset photos. it was a gorgeous evening.

Now it's time to figure out tomorrow. New adventures await!

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