Sunday, May 26, 2019

Jasper to Canmore - Part 2

After the avalanche, we headed down, down, down the steps of the Icefield Centre towards our jeep.

I thought a little extra energy was needed for all of the steps so I picked up some cookies on our way out of the centre - Salty Sweet Butterscotch Walnut Cookies. Oh My!

Back on Highway 93, which eventually became Highway 1, we saw more gorgeous scenery and some waterfalls.

We stopped at Bow Summit/Peyto Lake. We read that the area is closed for the season but we heard that you can hike in if you wish. There was a LOT of snow and a LOT of people.

The trail was slushy and very icy.

When we arrived at the Bow Summit overlooking Peyto Lake, it looked very different from our visit a few years ago - the lake was frozen. If you enlarge this picture, you may still be able to see the beautiful turquoise of the water/ice especially along the edges.

We were tired hikers but we never fell! Thank goodness I had Ray close by - I had many slips.

 We stopped at Bow Glacier

and continued on.

We arrived at our rental, a condo, in Canmore. We enjoyed a late dinner tonight on our balcony with this view of 3 Sisters.

A little while ago, I took the same photo as the sun was setting.

And one more at 10:15 tonight.

Our daylight is not quite as long, but close. It's been a long day of travel with lots of hiking. Our condo seems great. I think it's time for bed. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine on another great day!

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  1. The hike was probably worth the views.....but boy, it looks dangerous to walk thru it. Does the snow stay continually here? Love the 3 shots of the sisters....great!



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