Saturday, May 18, 2019

Making memories in Regina

We have enjoyed a great but cool day in Regina. It was cloudy and about 49 degrees this morning but warmed to about 55 degrees with a tiny bit of sun later.

We began by finding an ATM - we would need cash today! After that we wanted some stamps to mail a few cards and ended up at the same London Drug store! I had two different addresses but we never had to move the car.

The next stop was the Regina Farmers' Market. I love farmers' market and this one was fun. There was some fresh  produce which I sadly couldn't use today but there was much more. We sampled Pakistani ice cream - good! We debated a while and ended up with a small cookie thing that was bread dough with cinnamon and sugar - also good! It was fun to walk the market and observe all of the nationalities represented and all of the associated foods. Again we met such nice people.
Pakistani ice cream booth

We were at the same park as the Celtic Festival but decided to pass. We were wearing pants! I bet those kilt wearers were rather cool today!

On to the Centennial Market. I think this happens at least two days a week and they have lots of different goods. We also enjoyed our time there but walked away empty handed.

We headed to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum knowing it would be crowded but we
HAD to go. This was the second day that Scotty was on display and we both wanted to see her. Parking was horrid and we finally found a spot leaving us with a little hike. Have you heard about Scotty? She (they don't know if it's male of female but they are calling it she) is the world's largest Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex). She was found in Saskatchewan and at over 42' long  and about 20' tall is huge! We saw here from above first but then we went down and stood at her level - as we went in the door, our mouths fell open. It was fun to watch others coming in that door with the same reaction.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

You'll probably find better pictures online. This is a panoramic photo.

One photo from above:

Here is the skeleton of a baby T-rex. The white chicken foot in the lower right corner is there for size comparison.

It was past lunch time so we found a place downtown, Fresh and Sweet. I had a Peachy Bacon Panini and Ray had a Cheeseburger Panini. My sandwich had peaches, bacon, and mozzarella cheese. It was wonderful!  We both had Minestrone soup - it was nothing like we've had before and it was good. Sometimes it's fun to eat like the locals.

part of a bank building downtown
After lunch, we headed for the Regina Floral Conservatory. It is small but beautiful with all of the flowers in bloom. The 3 ladies working were quite interested in talking with us so we were there quite a while. We both enjoyed our visit.

It was so nice to see blooming flowers!

Every so often, we found little treasures like these gnomes.

Our last sightseeing stop was Wascana Park. We were looking for a spot across Wascana Lake to take a picture of the Parliament Building. We never found the spot but we did find a HUGE gathering of people from India. Their clothing was absolutely gorgeous. We walked a little bit on the trail that circles the huge lake but the wind was cold so we went back to the car.

We stopped at Trafalgar Overlook and got a picture of the side of the Parliament building.

We finally went to the Parliament building and walked towards the lake to take this picture. In a couple of weeks all of those mounds of dirt in front of the building will be beautiful flowers.

Very close to the building is this statue of Queen Elizabeth II from many years ago.

Now we are 'home' doing a load of laundry and relaxing. I don't feel real good but I'm no worse so hopefully I'll beat this cold. I even skipped the quilt and yarn shops today. (I know there are more coming up.) It's rest time tonight unless the skies clear. Then we will be out shooting the moon rise and the sunset. In any event, we have made some great memories here in Regina and once again the people we have met are all so welcoming and kind. Tomorrow we will continue driving north and west. . .

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  1. Oh I do hope you are able to bypass any colds, etc! Chilly dampness is becoming a bit tedious (even with our recent sunny 80F day quickly forgotten!). Thanks so much for posting your travels~~~hugs.........



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