Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon Area

Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So...get on your way."
            Dr. Suess

Today was definitely our day! It has been fabulous. Our mountains were waiting. The temperature was 39 degrees when we left our house and the sun was shining. We spent the day in the Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon area. The temperature did get in the 50s and we eventually went from sun to partly cloudy to total clouds to a few sprinkles and back to sun. Just regular mountain weather!

Let me share a few of my photos:

Taken at sixth bridge:

Taken at Maligne Overlook. 
The next three are a panoramic going from left to right. 

The next two were taken from the jeep. I just put down the window. All of the photos I'm sharing were taken with my iPhone.

Taken along Maligne Lake Road

Taken at Maligne Lake. Most of the lake was still frozen.

Taken from a picnic area on Maligne Lake Road.

Taken along Maligne Lake Road.

Taken at Medicine Lake.

We met people from many places including Spain and Australia. Three young ladies from Northern Ireland were on a 2-week holiday following their university graduation. They are all in medicine and will begin residencies in August. Emma was the funny, outgoing one. Ray asked her to do an Irish dance and she happily did! We shared a lot of laughs with them. They found out I had a blog and Emma asked me to include her picture. I think I'd enjoy her as my doctor.

Taken in Maligne Canyon. We began thinking the 7 trail which has 3 parts but they weren't labeled well and we ended up at an overlook:

The above range taken a little closer up going from left to right in the following 7 photos.

We headed back down the trail, made a slight adjustment to get on the right trail, and we were in the canyon. That is snow in the first photo!

This is Bridge #3 with water rushing under it.


Taken at Lake Annette.

Taken at Lake Edith.

Elk near Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge off of Maligne Lake Road.

We easily got in many more than 10,000 steps today. We also climbed well beyond 20 stories. I'm tired tonight. Our colds aren't gone but we seem to be keeping them somewhat in check. 

Our trip from Lloydminster to Jasper was long but mostly uneventful. Two things stand out 1)We spotted the gorgeous Canadian Rockies at 2:19 pm on Monday and 2)We saw helicopters hauling water for a forest fire at Marlboro, AB. The fire had crossed Highway 16 Sunday but it reopened at midnight. That's the highway we were traveling on Monday.

Tomorrow is another day in the mountains and any day in the mountains is great. When you get to wear your hiking boots, a day in the mountains becomes fantastic. I'll be wearing my hiking boots again...


  1. Those scenes and views are absolutely breath-taking! You did a super job with the iphone on them. I would be good as long as I didn't look down and I might panic at the bridge. Thanks for sharing your hike!

  2. Fantastic pictures! Sounds like you are really enjoying those hiking trails. Amazing scenery!



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