Monday, May 27, 2019

A nice walk

In every walk with nature 
one receives far more than he seeks. 
                     -John Muir

We slept late and decided to just spend the day in town. We headed down the walking trail; it's about a mile to town. The weather was about 65 degrees with lots of sun. We put our jackets in our carry all bag after 10-15 minutes. The sun was quite warm.

Just before we crossed the roundabout, a fellow from Yorkshire, England, asked us for directions to town. I had a little map and after we tried to decipher it, he decided to come along. We walked together for quite a while. He was interesting and we enjoyed his company.

The scenery was fantastic along the walking path.

When we got into town, we saw this.

This old school bus seems to be a popular ice cream spot.

Our first stop was The Sugar Pine Company, the only quilt shop in town. The building was getting a new roof so I didn't get an outside photo. I loved this hanging above the stairwell. I found a couple pieces of fabric but I can't show them yet.

After lunch we came across this. 

A couple young guys working at the bike shop asked where we were from and what we were doing today. I asked what we should do this week. They had some great suggestions; some we hadn't considered. I told them I'd talk with Canmore Tourism about compensating them.😉 They were fun to talk with.

We headed back home on the boardwalk on the other side of Spring Creek.

We crossed Spring Creek on a bridge and retraced our steps on the walking path.

Three Sisters Mountain peaks are Faith, Charity, and Hope.

When we arrived home, I took a picture of our balcony. It is that whole space on the 2nd floor. We took a chance on this rental; it was a new listing with no reviews. It is now listed for well over $150 a night more than we paid! 

It was late afternoon when we arrived home and we chose to  rest. We were still tired from yesterday - we had more steps yesterday than any day on this trip along with a 4+ hour car trip. Tomorrow we'll be out and about again.

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  1. Such beautiful views. That simple walk was just breathtaking.



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