Sunday, May 26, 2019

Jasper to Canmore - Part 1

Our Airbnb rental was superb in Jasper! Cottonwood Suite  was perfect!  The location was perfect too. We loved the area, the people we met, and being in the mountains.

Today began EARLY. We once again went to Pyramid Lake to catch the sunrise. The sun did come up and there was a lot of mist on the lake.

After having breakfast and finishing our packing, we headed south on Highway 93 towards Canmore, AB. Here is a little of the scenery we enjoyed.

We stopped at Sunwapta Falls for a short hike and beautiful scenery.

We continued south on Highway 93.

Tangle Falls which was right next to the highway.

I couldn't fit the whole falls in one picture.

We continued on 

and found some mountain sheep.

We spent some time at the Icefield Centre.

A small group of Filipinos asked me to take their photo. They were from California, New York, and New Jersey. We were visiting and they offered to take out picture. The one guy kept saying to be sure and get the ice/snow field in our photo. (The ice/snow field is in the center of this photo.) I guess he liked that area.

Right after he took the picture, Ray turned and said "Avalanche!" And just like that, we all witnessed our first real, in-person avalanche. It happened just to the left of that ice/snow field. Can you see the 'smoke' which is really flying snow?

Look way to the left of this photo - the avalanche is traveling across the photo. (No one was in danger.)

And then it stopped. Wow!

We thought that was plenty of drama for one day!


  1. Unbelievable days you are having! Avalanches and everything else! The pictures are just stunning!

  2. Wow...what a sight. Love those waterfalls too!

  3. That is as close to an avalanche as I'd ever want to be.



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