Saturday, May 25, 2019

A laid back day

Today started out with a lot of haze and some rain. We decided to take it easy for the first few hours. I threw a few darts and I might have taken a nap!

Around 11AM, we walked downtown to the Patricia Street Deli. It is on our list of things we want to see. When we walked in, we were friends but they didn't know our name. The fellow making sandwiches suggested just one (they are quite large) and made each half to order. They packaged it with chips for our outing. The sandwich - both halves - was excellent! We can see why they are so highly rated.

We walked home, hopped in the jeep, and headed to Maligne Lake. We were hoping to see the bear with the two cubs (each a different color!) along the way. Some days aren't as lucky as others.

On the way we saw the eagle's nest. Using his camera, Ray could see two chicks. Some days are lucky! I tried to get pictures with my iPhone but they were just too far away. 

Maligne Lake has lost a lot of ice. It was rather cold there so we picnicked in the jeep.

The day was still cloudy but, at times, looked like it might clear some.

The boat house has open water but the ice is close. The deck/docks have been added since we were there earlier.

The parking lot near the boat house and Visitor Center had quite a few cars. Unlike the other day, the gift shop and restaurant were open! They opened for the season about 11 AM today.

We were trying to make a purchase in the gift shop and were the first to use a credit card. The system failed and had to be restarted so we decided to visit the restaurant while we waited. The raspberry torte was excellent! 

Oops the single fork probably gives away that this was all mine. Ray had his own and enjoyed it immensely.

Note: Credit cards are now working in case you decide to visit the Maligne gift shop.

While we've been in Jasper, we haven't see any caribou but we've seen the signs where they've been told to cross the road.

The skies began to clear on our way back home.

After we arrived home, we walked to the camera store; Ray needed some memory cards. We were almost home when I saw this. I might have laughed.

The laundry is now done and I think we are pretty much packed. Tomorrow morning our plan is to see the sunrise at Pyramid Lake if the weather cooperates, eat breakfast, pack the car, and head south.

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  1. What a fabulous trip you are having. The scenery is was that dessert, giggle...will enjoy seeing the next chapter of your journey!



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