Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Driving to Fargo, ND

Today we drove diagonally across Minnesota to Fargo ND. We saw lots of solar farms on our way.

If you follow a GPS from Rochester, MN, to Fargo, ND, you will most likely go through Minneapolis/St. Paul but if I am the navigator ...
you might go through Mankato and stop at River City Quilts! It's a cute, little shop with some nice ladies working.

I fell in love with this quilt but they didn't have the pattern nor any of the fabric left so I settled for a picture. It will be a good starting point some day.

I bought one piece of fabric for backing but it is packed so I'll have to show you that some other time.

Today was gorgeous and we continued to enjoy the flowering trees. 

The temperatures were in the high 70s and the skies were clear. We were driving near Le Sueur, MN, when I remembered that there was supposed to be a 50-foot tall Jolly Green Giant statue around there. And then I saw this: 
I was really excited until we got past it and I realized it was one of the huge Green Giant signs, not the statue. It was still fun to see him over the trees.

I think Ray was happy to point out this huge crow STATUE in Belgrade, MN. This is the world's largest crow in case you were wondering.

It was a long day in the car (at least it was for us). There was a little drama. After lunch, the waitress did not return Ray's credit card with the slip he had to sign. We didn't realize the card was missing until hours later when we were getting gas. I called while Ray pumped gas. I have spoken with the waitress and they have the credit card. I believe it was truly a mistake. Tomorrow everything will be worked out. I carry this same card. Although we have other credit cards with us, we really don't want to cancel this one. It has the best rewards and it does not charge a foreign transaction fee - we hope to use it for most of our trip. This is really just a bump in the road.

When we saw the sign for Downer, we decided not to go there - this little bump in the road is not going to ruin our day or our trip!

Neither of us has ever been to Fargo so this is a new place for us. It is a much larger city than I expected. We checked out a few stores downtown on our way to our rental. Tonight we walked in our neighborhood and are now in for the evening. Tomorrow will be another interesting day.


  1. Love reading about your adventures! You always make the most of your days! Safe travels!

  2. Sorry about the credit card. Hope it really is safe. Great crow, and I liked the Green Giant.



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