Friday, May 10, 2019

A finish and more

America's Game is a donation quilt that is about about 57" square. I found some baseball fabric when I was cleaning out fabric drawers a while back and thought someone might enjoy a quilt made with baseball fabric. 

I free-motion quilted this with a meandering stitch using Aurifil #1103 red thread.

The back is the same small blue/white dot as the sashing cornerstones. The red is more of a dark wine red rather than the cherry red in the following picture.


Recently I came across a reference to a blogpost, How to Scrappy Improv any Patchwork Block.I saw her photo using scraps to make a reverse churn dash block and I decided this might be a good, fun, stress free way to use some of the small scraps I have. photo from Internet

I enjoy improv quilting and have PLENTY of small scraps to use. So I worked out measurements and got busy. I began sewing small scrap pieces together then began using parts of orphan blocks and partial blocks that I keep in baskets. 
First overflowing basket
Ray decided to join in the fun. I think he enjoyed going through the baskets and picking out pieces because he kept returning to play more!
2nd overflowing basket
My first block looks a lot like the original photo.

I couldn't wait to get 4 blocks done so I could really see the secondary design. I have started adding some neat pieces for an eye spy quilt.

The 21 individual parts of each block are close to being done. Then I'll just need to assemble the blocks. Sadly none of my 3 overflowing small scrap baskets looks any different!

On Tuesday, we'll leave on a journey that will take us north and west. We plan to spend some time in Jasper, Alberta, Canada but first we will enjoy our time getting there. And later we'll enjoy the days getting home - they'll be filled with more adventures.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. ~Greg Anderson

We are close to being ready. There is laundry to do of course and the packing but we have good lists so that should go smoothly and quickly. I just need to figure out Lightroom, a photography software that Ray uses. He wants things changed so it can travel with us. I need to move many thousands of photos and a catalog. I think I finally have it somewhat figured out. Hopefully I'll have it conquered within the next 24 hours. Then maybe I can find an extra hour or two in the sewing studio.

I'll try to let you know what's happening along the way. We aren't expecting warm weather but keep your fingers crossed that we do not find winter!


  1. You have some great quilts here! Safe travels on your journey. We were in Calgary a few weeks ago to see the grandkids and spent a day in Banff in the mountains. Enjoy!

  2. That improv quilt block is a wild one! But what a great way to conquer those small bits that we have left over. Love the simple baseball quilt too....should be a big hit.
    Enjoy your trips and the new experiences too. Be safe and look forward to seeing what you two get up to.

  3. We'll be 'making' fabric in one of the classes I'll be taking next week. I've not done that before. I organized my scraps (most of it given to me years ago and forgotten) this past week, by color. Enjoy your trip.



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