Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Gorgeous Day

No matter how sophisticated you may be, 
a large granite mountain cannot be denied – 
it speaks in silence to the very core of your being 
                        -Ansel Adams

Today has been gorgeous - sunny and warm. The temperatures were cold when we got up but reached 71 later.

We drove to Lake Louise, about an hour trip. We had heard the lake was not frozen but it mostly was. It was pretty but not the iconic image that you see in their publications. We have a gorgeous photo that Ray took in 2015; photos from this trip will make an interesting contrast.

There was lots of ice.

We took off our hats and sunglasses for a selfie. The sun was bright.

We were amazed at the number of people and buses. We were told that the Canadian government is trying to get more Chinese tourists. It appears to be working.

Our next stop was Moraine Lake. The canoes are still on the shore.

The sign said to wait there for a canoe attendant so Ray waited 

It appeared that the lake was VERY low - we have been concerned about other lakes too. We talked with our waitress at lunch and she explained about Moraine Lake. It is glacially fed. At some point in the fall/winter, the glaciers lock (freeze) and stop discharging water. However, the lake continues to lose water and Moraine Lake goes dry. In the spring, when the glaciers begin discharging water, the lake still loses water but enough water is fed in that the lake fills. Interesting!

After lunch, we started home at Highway 1a, the Bow Valley Parkway. 

The sky kept getting more and more hazy. I continued to take a few pictures.

Driving on the Bow Valley is a slower, more scenic drive. Although wildlife is common, we saw just 1 deer and 1 elk today.

We eventually had to leave the Bow Valley Parkway due to construction. So we got back on Highway 1. I had to show you a picture of some of the Hoodoos near Banff. They intrigue me.

Last night we walked back toward town and stopped on a footbridge to watch the sunset.The sky was cloudless so there wasn't a lot of color but what was there was pretty.

As we left to head home, I took a picture of this complex. I loved seeing the Three Sisters at the end.

We are making a plan for tomorrow. It will be another great day after all we are in the mountains!

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  1. I had to look up Hoodoos....I had never heard of them. Very interesting fact:) Such a beautiful area and I love the sunset photo, just the soft tones and reflection.



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