Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Travel Day

This morning when we said goodbye to the UP, it was cloudy but just sprinkling. We loved the scenery, the food, and the nice people that we met.

On our way south, we made one last stop at the Trenary Home Bakery. We decided we needed a little more Trenary Toast. We decided that we had to skip the cinnamon rolls today but it was HARD!

Back on the road, we crossed a bridge over the Rapid River near Rapid River, Michigan, and Ray loved the scenery. We turned and went down a street a little ways and there was another bridge crossing the river. Here are my shots:

When we were ready to turn around, we drove a little bit and saw Rapid River Falls Park. So we checked it out.

Lunch was in Oconto, Wisconsin, at The Dockside. I forgot to take a picture of my Shrimp Po' Boy. It was delicious. Ray had BBQ pork with slaw. I think this was the best restaurant service we've had in a restaurant on this trip!

We saw color on the way - I think the leaves are pretty much at their peak color in the UP but not quite there a number of miles south in Wisconsin.

We saw the SUN and blue sky on the way (but only for a few minutes). 

Oh yes, we saw rain on the way too. 

We are now in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, which is in Door County. We managed a short walk after we moved into our rental. We are very close to the harbor.

We got back to our apartment as the first raindrop hit followed by a downpour. 

Tonight we are just taking it easy - watching a little Netflix and listening to the heavy rain.


  1. Love Egg Harbor/Door County!!! Have you checked out "The Clearing" in Ephraim???? If you have the time...you MUST!!! They run workshops (5-day, mostly) during the more summer months and provide a setting (and food!) that is "to die for"!! If the weather permits, you may be able to do a bit of walking on the grounds. The buildings are magnificently dreamy and ooze creativity. Oh, I do hope you can squeeze this in!!!

  2. Such pretty scenery! I think we'll head up to our western 'mountains' this weekend looking for fall.



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