Friday, October 5, 2018

And we have Snow!

When we woke up this morning (Friday), I said that I hadn't heard any rain during the night. Ray looked out the window and said "That's because we have snow!"

I took a couple of pictures out of the windows while Ray went outside for photos. This is looking out one of the windows in our bedroom. That is an apple tree that still has apples. That is Lake Superior through the top of the tree. Not the best picture but I was looking at snow. 

I took this photo downstairs looking toward the south.

It was just 30 degrees and cold!

After breakfast, I took a some pictures of a couple of the quilts in our Airbnb rental.

This yo-yo quilt hangs on the upstairs banister.

I have no idea how old the quilt is. Here is a closer view.

This quilt or piece of a quilt is framed and hangs near our side door.

It has been hand-quilted.

We took our time getting ready for the day; the thermometer seemed stuck and the snow stuck around. After lunch we decided it was time to venture out; it was about 37 degrees and some of the snow was starting to melt.

We spent some time this morning looking up the lakes we couldn’t find yesterday and then I had the brilliant idea to take my laptop. We both had a really good idea of where we were going today but this way we'd be sure. We have Internet access in the jeep (it came with the jeep for one year). On the way, we lost Internet access - I think it was the dense trees. We did find all three lakes though.

First was Moccasin Lake. The day was overcast and the drizzle had begun but it was still pretty.

Can you see the fog on the lake?

Pete's Lake was next. 

Our last lake of the day was Council Lake. The road in was sand/gravel and some spots were water holes - just a bit scary.

The lake was pretty but there was more wind.

On the way 'home', we stopped along NF-13 (I think that is National Forest Route 13 but I'm guessing.) There were forests of pine trees which had bare trunks.Every so often, there was a beautiful deciduous tree.

This evening we are going out on Lake Superior for a Pictured Rocks cruise. More about that later...


  1. Oh....30 degrees sounds so inviting! It was 90 degrees here yesterday and more today. The trees and color are so beautiful Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.

  2. Your pics are beautiful! I can't wait for the fall color show back here.

  3. Fantastic pictures! Your adventures are always so enjoyable to read about. Safe travels in that white stuff!



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