Friday, October 5, 2018

A Sunny Thursday!

We woke up on Thursday to NO RAIN! However, we had high wind advisories and it was really windy! Lake Superior was supposed to have waves around 21 to 24 feet. The sun started making an appearance mid morning. YAY!!!

We headed to Wagner Falls.

It was a short hike and a pretty waterfall.

Our next destination was Laughing Whitefish Falls. It was a little bit of a drive and turned into quite a drive because the map and directions we were following weren't quite accurate. However, it was a beautiful day for a drive!

When we arrived, it was a short hike and every step was gorgeous. Can you see the blue sky?!

When we got to the falls, we were at the top looking down.

We walked down about 25 steps to a platform. When I looked down, there was so much water that it looked like snow or ice. Did I mention we have had a lot of rain in the last couple of days?

We went down the steps, all 150 of them, to the bottom. It was hard to get a picture because I was way off to the side. The roaring water was quite loud. I'm glad I went to the bottom although climbing back up took a bit of effort. 

On the hike back to the Jeep, I looked up and could see the beautiful blue sky and some gorgeous fall colors.

I don't think I mentioned that it was a cool day. I think the high was 45 degrees and of course, the wind was blowing.

It took us a while to find some lunch. We stopped at Mama Cow's and the owner told us where to find some great cheeseburgers at the Eben Snack Shack, about a 3 mile drive. After lunch, we decided to go back to Mama Cow's for some delicious Sugar and Spice ice cream. It was 45 degrees so we ate in the car rather than at a picnic table.

We went in search of some lakes using that same rather inaccurate map. We did have an interesting drive and were happy we were driving a jeep on some of the roads we ended up on. Did I mention that it really was a nice day for a drive? We did finally find a wetlands area with some pretty scenery but I left my phone in the car so no photos from there.

We headed to Sand Point Beach for the sunset. It was rather cool, almost cold, but I did jump out of the car to snap a few pictures. 

I loved the clouds.

There was some gorgeous color.

We have more rain forecast for tonight.

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