Friday, October 26, 2018

And time goes by...

The days have been passing by but I haven't accomplished much. Between the cold and my back I spend a lot of time resting and I think it's working - my cold is much better. The back improvement is slow but there is improvement. 

I celebrated my 70th birthday! How can I be that old??! On my birthday we took a little road trip to some orchards in Wisconsin. We brought home apples to eat, to dry, to make applesauce, to make pie, and to freeze. It's taking a while but everything is getting done. 

I love apple chips dried with a little cinnamon and sugar.

I made applesauce with Cortland, Jonathon, McIntosh, and Cameo apples. I used the Instant Pot and cooked the cored apples with 1/2 cup water. When they were done, I put them though a food mill which takes care of the skins. I think the Jonathon skins are responsible for us having pink applesauce this year.

I bought a mini pie pan from Pampered Chef and finally got around to making some little apple pies one day. They are cute and good! Four are in the freezer. It's a little hard for me to roll pie dough right now so I decided to freeze some of the apples for pies in the future.

One evening we went to a small cemetery that is high on a hill. The sunset and moonrise were just minutes apart and the photographer decided he was going so I tagged along. There were no clouds but there was lots of dust in the air so there was still a little color in the sky. The farmers around here are combining soybeans and it creates lots of dust.
I was on the west side of the cemetery looking at Ray on the other side photographing the moon.

I've been playing with the flannel that I bought on our Michigan trip. I cut the pieces for a Take Five quilt. That top is pretty much together. Now I'm trying to put together a quilt with the leftovers. This is on the design wall.

I tried to edit pictures in Photoshop the other day and it wouldn't work. It's an older version and I just updated my MacBook Pro to Mojave - ugh! It took a few hours but I finally got that figured out. Then I decided to tackle my problem with posting on blogs. That took most of another day; I'm happy that I can post again but not happy that I can't fix the real problem. Don't you just love computer problems??!

Hopefully I'll be spending more time sewing in the next few days.


  1. Oh, colds are no fun. Hope your cold and back issues continue to improve. Those pies look delicious! And another great quilt...when did you say you relax, giggle...Take care of yourself!

  2. Happy Birthday! That's a grand milestone. I will hit 69 in a couple of months, so I know it is memorable :) The pies look fine to the idea of freezing them. I leave my apples chunky for applesauce....mainly as I am too lazy.

  3. Happy Birthday! You've been pretty ambitious for not feeling well. Just take it one day at a time!! It's cold and rainy here, so good quilting weather.

  4. The pies look awesome! I freeze apple pie filling in 1 quart bags. Seems to work better in my freezer. Chunky sauce is the preferred here but that pink sauce looks mighty fine! Do hope you're feeling better soon and a belated "Happy 70th"......I, somewhat vaguely, remember mine! Hugs....

  5. Thanks Doreen. I am improving every day. ~Jeanne

  6. New photo at the top of the blog. Nice! I love apple pie!



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