Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Yooper wannabes

We headed north yesterday, October 1. It rained and rained and then rained some more. We stopped for lunch in Columbus, Wisconsin. Ray did his Intern Teaching in Columbus 48 years ago. Surprise - the town has changed a lot!

Next stop was in Menasha, Wisconsin, at Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

The rain let up and I snapped a picture through the windshield and then decided to stand in the drizzle and take another shot. Sadly these are the only 2 photos - I was too busy shopping!

When we walked in the door, the hand dyed wools were so gorgeous. I don't do  wool work anymore but I really wanted to start again just so I could buy some of these. I resisted but it wasn't easy! I did find some binding needles and backings for a few quilt tops that I have in progress.

We stayed in Appleton and spent some time at the Fox River Mall late in the afternoon. It is very nice but we didn't do much shopping - I was really tired. Even so, the day went much better than I thought it might. This was my last day of pain meds from the car accident.


We took our time getting started today. We had to check out the Fleet Farm in Appleton - our son said it was a great store. It's huge and gave us a chance to get a walk in early

We had lunch just south of Escanada, Michigan. We were in the Upper Peninsula and evidently Shepherd's Pie soup is normal. We had never heard of it and since we both like Shepherd's Pie, we had to try it. We'll be looking for a recipe - it was very good!

We arrived at our rental house later in the afternoon. Then we went to book a boat tour of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. On the way we found the Munising Farmer's Market. Of course, we stopped.

We then went hunting for a couple of nearby waterfalls since it wasn't raining. First was Alger Falls which is right by the highway. You can see that the leaves are changing. We saw some beautiful color today.

We also visited Munising Falls. The sign said we had to walk about 800 yards. It was late in the day but still a gorgeous little hike. We found two plein air painters capturing the falls. I'd love to see this with the sun catching some of the colors.

We're hoping to wake up to sun tomorrow but the forecast says rain. Guess we'll know in the morning and plan our day. There are lots of waterfalls to see, lighthouses to visit, and beautiful trees with changing leaves to enjoy. If it rains, there are some small towns to check out and I found that there is a nearby quilt shop - it's definitely on my list. We have a few days to enjoy the area and pretend that we are yoopers and belong here!


  1. Beautiful water falls are so soothing to view. Sounds like a good trip for scenic views. glad you are doing better.

  2. Sorry to hear you had to start your trip driving through rain, but it still sounds like it didn’t dampen your fun too much! Every day seems like an adventure. Enjoy!

  3. Looks lovely. That soup sounds yummy. Hope you are fully recovered now.



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