Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Ever since my computer automatically updated to Mac OS Mojave, I have had MAJOR problems with blogger. There have been other problems too but I think I have most of those resolved. Why would an update change Photoshop's accessibility and not allow me to work on a photo???

I have finally been able to release my blog from the admin email that I never assigned. The problem is that once I released it, I removed that email. Along with it went the blogs I follow. I have recreated the list - I think I have found all of the blogs again. And I've had to return to that email to be able to do anything but I can't get back what I deleted??? 

I can now comment on some blogs including my own but sometimes I can't???. I am finding that I can comment mostly on blogs without embedded comments.  I just found that comments are no longer coming in by email - that happened once a while back. I think I remember how to fix that.

I've changed my comments to be in a popup window - I prefer them embedded but I seem to have a better chance of being able to post if they are in a popup window - who knows why???! I'm sorry you have to go through that reCaptcha stuff when posting - I know I hate it but it is what it is.

I'm not sure where the template is for my blog - it seems to be missing. That means that there are all kinds of things I can't change.

This has been going on for over a week - it's quite annoying. Please understand if I don't comment or reply to your comments. There are only so many hours a day that I'm willing to devote to this ... I want to quilt!


  1. I think all these issues are why so many people are letting their blogs go. It sure gets confusing, but you seem to have a good handle on how to make it work! Love your new banner pic, though I missing seeing you in the Cape Breton Highlands! Happy Autumn!

  2. Oh no....this happened to me about 3 years when I got new upgrade to Windows 10. First, the photos editing....new technology eliminated files needed to communicate with older programs. I have no solution, but sure hated losing my program for label making, too.
    As for the blog, I lost all my addys and it took forever to get things back. Some are gone forever. I went thru others blog roll to find many I followed.
    Comments it took a while to get it worked out. The change/upgrade will default all the settings...everything in blogger. You will have to pick thru it and hope to figure it out.
    I agree with Lesley, that is why many bloggers just quit. They had no idea how to continue.
    Hope the comment comes thru.

  3. Computers are such a pain! Sorry. We updated my laptop (old one) while on a trip to our son's wedding. OH NO! My computer couldn't access my email, and that was how the wedding party was supposed to be contacting us. It seems that everytime my phone updates, things change, same with the computer. I wish they would just leave things alone. Change is NOT always good.



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