Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Good Day in Door County

By the time I went to bed Tuesday night, I realized that I had a cold. Ugh! I spent a very rainy Wednesday napping and watching movies. Ray said he didn't mind since the rain just kept coming.

Today, Thursday, we woke to cooler temperatures (mid 40s), heavy winds, and clouds but no rain! And I feel much better. We decided to tour the peninsula. We headed north through many small towns. 

The fall colors were gorgeous! And there were bits of blue sky!

We shopped a little - it was very cold to be out walking. We spent some time in Peninsula State Park.  The sun made an appearance every so often! 

The waves were really crashing in.

 The Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Peninsula State Park.

These berries/cherries, which I'm sure are not pie cherries, made me want to make cherry pie. When I was in high school, I was a Cherry Pie Queen and I ALWAYS used Door County frozen cherries to make my pies.

Still in Peninsula State Park, we stopped at Nicolet Beach.

We drove on...

At Eagle Panorama, you can easily tell where the sun was shining.

We left the State Park and had lunch - burgers at Wilson's Ice Cream Parlor. We passed on the ice cream (it's really cold out) but we did have Wilson's 1906 Home-Brewed Draft Root Beer. We don't drink pop anymore except for a root beer every so often. This was a great treat.

 Back on the road...

We stopped at The Clearing Folk School near Ellison Bay. During the week, you can only visit the Visitor's Center; visitors are not allowed to tour the grounds except in docent lead tours on the weekends. Even though we couldn't see much, it made me want to go there for a class even more. It is such a beautiful area. 

Inside the Visitor's Center, there is now an area that show more of the architecture of the other campus buildings. I loved this door and doorway to the outside.

When we got to the end of the peninsula, we backtracked for a while. We stopped at the Seaquist Orchard Stand and bought two cider donuts and two pumpkin donuts. They were really good! We also bought some Door County Cherries; a pie is in the future. 

Then we drove across the peninsula to go to Cana Island Lighthouse. It's a few mile drive and when you finally get there, you walk across a causeway to get to the lighthouse.  When we got there, we found that heavy winds were causing the water to cross the causeway in high waves which meant no one was going across.

We just continued on toward 'home'.

When we got back on the main road, highway 42, the traffic had really picked up. There is a festival in Sister Bay this weekend that seems to be beginning tonight. 

We leave here tomorrow. Our plans are still in the making. What happens next really depends on the weather. So..., we'll just see what tomorrow brings.


  1. I love reading about your wandering days like this. Just exploring the region. Glad you are pass the partial cold to enjoy it all. Especially the root beer and donuts!

  2. I am so glad you stopped at "The Clearing"...wasn't sure if you would be there on the weekend (when there are the tours). It's serene atmosphere and cozy buildings (enveloped in greenery!) are almost surreal. Reminds me of Gladys Taber's home in Connecticut--"Stillmeadow". If you haven't read her journals/books, they definitely will put you in a woodsy/dreamy frame of mind!! Enjoy your remaining hours in Door County!!

  3. Our friends in Sturgeon Bay asked us to come visit them, but, we have a wedding that weekend. It was lovely the last time we got there in November.



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