Saturday, October 6, 2018

Sunset Cruise Without the Sunset

While we are in the UP, we wanted to take a National Pictured Rocks Sunset Cruise on Lake Superior. We had tickets for Wednesday but changed them due to heavy rains. Thursday was a beautiful day but we had very high winds and the boats couldn't go out. So we finally got to go on Friday. It was cold (40 degrees), damp, and the skies were overcast when we left at 5:45PM. Thankfully, our boat had lots of inside space. I sat in the enclosed area on the second deck. Ray spent some time with me and some time on the open area of the first deck taking photos.  

All of my photos are taken through the window but I found that by holding my phone against the window, I minimized reflections. This is the Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse. It was recently restored and is no longer in service.

We saw a few waterfalls.

Many of the rocks had caves carved out by the lake waters. Here are some of the caves.

There are beautiful rocks. I loved seeing the coloring.

The painted coves were fun to see and I'd love to see them again on a sunny day. The colors come from the waters dripping down on them.

Lover's Leap is at the far right side.

Here is a closer look.

Rainbow Cove has different colors inside from the dripping water. I couldn't see the colors tonight.

Indian Head is well known in this area.

This is the Grand Portal Point - I couldn't get a good picture. Rocks fell in the carved out area many, many years ago. Before that time, boats could pass under the archway.

This is the first battleship in Battleship Row. Actually you can see the second one in the background.

Indian Drums looks a lot like elephant legs.

Chapel Rock has a tree growing out of the top. The roots go down on the backside and get nutrients from the ground and water. 

Spray Falls was at the far end of our tour. This falls is there year round.

You can see that it was getting darker in the photos. After Spray Falls, we turned and went back the same way we came. Sometimes we got in closer to some of the rocks but I didn't get any photos - I was on the other side of the boat and it was darker outside. 

It was raining when we returned to the dock about 7:45PM so obviously we didn't see the sunset but we did have a good time!

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