Saturday, October 6, 2018

No Snow, No Rain, No Wind, and No Sun!

This morning (Saturday), we woke to no snow, no rain, no wind, and no sun! We decided to head for Grand Marais, Michigan. By the time we left, it was misting and it was cold. I took lots of pictures through the windshield of the jeep. We traveled Highway 58, a curvy, beautiful drive.

We stopped at a scenic overlook. After walking the short distance to Lake Superior, we didn't stick around - it was cold and windy!

Sable Falls was one of the things on Ray's list that he wanted to see. I didn't count the steps but I think the sign is right!

The falls were gorgeous. 

We kept going down and the view was even better.

When we got to the bottom of the falls, the trail kept going. I talked with some people coming toward us and they said the trail continued to the point where this water flowed into Lake Superior. So we continued...

At the end of the trail, we were at the Lake.

The options were to stop or climb down this sandy gully, scramble over the rocks and see the spot where the water enter the Lake. I chose to stop; Ray chose the other option.

When he returned, he said it wasn't worth the climb so I'm glad I didn't try it. If I had gone, I would have seen this sand dune; however, I took this photo a little way up the trail as we returned so I didn't really miss anything!

After our hike, we headed into Grand Marais to find lunch. The town is much smaller than I thought it would be and there weren't many choices. We decided to go to the Grand Marais Tavern because it was open. 

When we entered, I saw a sign saying they would have fresh perch today after 4PM. It was 12:30 so I jokingly asked the waitress if there was anyway that we could get the fresh perch. Surprisingly she asked us to wait a minute and went to speak to the cook. So lunch was the fresh perch! And to make it even better, they had 1919 draft root beer. Sometimes it takes very little to make me happy! 

Have I mentioned that we have met some really nice people? Many stop and visit and the people working seem to really want to please you. The waitress and cook today seemed to go above and beyond but really they are more the norm from what we've experienced here.

After lunch, we walked the main part of town on both sides of the street. So we walked about 2 blocks total. There are a few other businesses here and there that we eventually saw as we drove around.

We stopped at Agate Beach which is right on Lake Superior. It was cold and windy but there was a tiny bit of blue sky. There is sand 

and then the small polished rocks nearer the water.

Some of the rocks were really neat looking and the Lake has tumbled and polished each of them.

I don't think I found any agates.

When we headed 'home' we took the longer, faster route following Michigan 77 and Michigan 28. I missed the full canopy of trees over the road that we saw often on the way but the colors were still gorgeous.

There seemed to be more pine trees going this route.

We are both tired tonight so not much is happening. There's football on TV and my knitting is calling me unless I decide on a nap.


  1. Beautiful all that color you are seeing.

  2. I love that the sign reminds you that there are also 168 steps BACK UP. What a lovely day you had, despite no sun or other 'weather'.



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