Friday, October 12, 2018

Home Again

Friday dawned cloudy and cold. We packed the car. Before we left, Ray asked for the cold medicine - oh, oh, I shared my cold. He said he didn't feel too bad so we headed south with our original plan.

We decided to check out the Rural Arts Roadtrip east of Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Lots of people seemed to be on the road trip. 

We stopped at three of the 10 places. We enjoyed the things we saw, the many artists that we met, and the places we visited but it really was cold out - about 38 degrees with wind. Many of the exhibitors were in outbuildings or tents. The third stop was super crowded so we decided it was time to move on. 

Ray wanted to check out the Horicon Marsh. We stopped at the Visitor Center and got some information. Today was not the day for us to be out hiking - did I mention it was cold? And we both have colds.

We decided to head home and even saw the sun on the way. We arrived just before 6pm and unpacked. Now it's time to just relax and get warm!


  1. Not much chance of getting warm for a while.

  2. Hoping you've warmed up by now. Thanks for the (accidental?) shot of the Barn Quilt!! Are you two feeling better? Let's hope!



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