Monday, October 8, 2018

More Rain and a Visit to Trenary Home Bakery

Today, Monday, was another rainy day. We headed to the Trenary Home Bakery because we've never been there. We weren't really sure what to expect but it was fairly close and something to do.

We had to sample the famous Trenary Toast. The sample is not a tiny piece, it's a whole slice! We tried the cinnamon and it was really good. Then we tried the vanilla and liked that too. Then we tried the rye bread; of course, that was also good. We tried some raspberry jam on the rye bread and like that. We had heard about the cinnamon rolls so we sat down and ordered a couple rolls with hot tea. We thoroughly enjoyed our treat and we were full!

The toast has a shelf life of 1 year! You did not read that wrong - it's shelf life is really 365 days! So we purchased some to take home. I didn't get any pictures - it was raining pretty good so I didn't get any photos outside and I didn't even think to ask/take pictures inside.

On the way back, we stopped at Ackerman Lake - it is just off of Highway 94. It was raining but the colors are really at their peak and we just had to get a few more photos.

This is the very short road we were on at Ackerman Lake. I love the canopy of trees.

I also tried a few pictures from the car in between the windshield wipers.

Since we have to leave tomorrow, we decided we should get a few things into the car in between downpours. That means we are doing a little packing. I can't believe that my fabric took up a whole suitcase. Hmmm, I'll just have to find somewhere else for the stuff that was in that suitcase. Priorities!


  1. Visit a bakery and have samples...always a good day. Rain is finally in our forecast. Travel safe.

  2. Wow! I"ve just read back over several posts, and it looks like a beautiful area! We're still waiting for Fall to arrive in Maryland. It's been quite hot and humid the last few days, but relief is in sight for the weekend. Love hiking and taking pictures when it cools off and the glorious colors arrive. Thanks for sharing all your pics!!

  3. Found a YouTube video about the bakery. Interesting history. Sounds delicious.



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