Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 NewFO Challenge - September Update

Our traveling turned into an adventure. In mid-September, we left Estes Park, Colorado, due to the Colorado floods. At first we thought we were safe but then had to evacuate. It is really a good thing we left when we did - we were extremely fortunate. The only way we could go out of Estes Park was west over the Continental Divide. We spent the first two nights in Grand Lake, CO. Since we were headed to Jackson, WY where Ray had a photography workshop, we moved on to Steamboat Springs, CO for a few days. Then we arrived in Jackson right on time. We left Jackson a day early due to the first storm of the season - 16-18" of snow was expected!

We have just arrived home. Needless to say,  I haven't done a lot of sewing in the last month, but I did start a couple projects.

The NewFO Challenge with Barbara over at Cat Patches is easy to do - just start a new project each month! You may want to stop on over and see what everyone else has started this month. While you are there, check out Barbara's blog. She was also vacationing in Estes Park and left the same day we did because of the flooding!

I have this baby girl quilt started. What is it going to look like? Well, I'm not sure! I bought a kit when we were in Shipshewana in May, but the kit doesn't go with the pattern and the pattern is rather difficult to understand. So, I'm winging it! I do like the colors. I need a large cutting table and ruler so I was at a stand-still until we got home.

I also started this baby boy quilt. When it was time to sew the rows together, I was frantically packing to get away from the flooding. 

In another week I will be at Quilt Camp so there is no doubt that I will be starting some new things next month!


  1. Oh how I wish that there was something like "Quilt Camp" here! I would SO love to participate in a quilting retreat!! But the only nearby guild is a needlework one, with very, very little focus on quilting and with very clique-ish members. I was a member for a year; the meetings were set up with tables for 8. Each clique had their own table ... I tried a different table each month, but I was never really included. :-(

  2. Love both the projects. The girly log cabin sounds like your just-wing-it approach should work well.

    Love the boy star quilt. I love how you used the stripes as alternative blocks. Gives nice movement to the quilt.

    1. Both of these are just so cute. I really love all the striping you've made for the girl quilt. Takes a while to do that!

  3. Great projects. Hope you enjoy the sewing room this month.

  4. I really like what you are doing with the kit fabrics for the baby quilt. The blocks for the little boy quilt are great -- love the stripe in there.

  5. So glad that you got home ahead of of the first storm of the season in Jackson. I just love the soft colors that you have put together on your baby girl quilt! I'm sure it's going to be beautiful. The baby boy quilt looks like it is going to be fun! Have fun at Quilt Camp!

  6. Great projects! I do love the fabrics for the baby girl quilt, reminding me of sherbet flavors! They will both be well loved for sure! Have fun at quilt camp!

  7. What delightful projects! I love the pastel rainbow colors for the girl's quilt and the boy's quilt with the stripes & stars is fun! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your projects!

  8. Wonderful quilts! The kit quilt is going to be stunning with those gorgeous fabrics. Thank goodness you got away from those weather concerns! Welcome back!

  9. I LOVE that star quilt for the baby boy! I just LOVE red and stars!

  10. Both projects are really cute. I love the fabrics you've used in your log cabin blocks. Very pretty.

  11. Beautiful projects. I really like the colors in your "kit" project.



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