Sunday, September 8, 2013

Long's Peak Scottish~Irish Highland Fest

This weekend has been awesome. The Long's Peak Scottish~Irish Highland Fest is a BIG deal here. We went to the Tattoo Estes 2013 one night and saw Band of America's Few all veteran Marine musicians, Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum, The Fountain City Brass Band, The Burmuda Regimental Band, Scottish Power Pipe Band, Fort Collins Pipe Band, Queen City Pipe Band and two leprechauns - an American and an Australian. Sorry about photo quality.

Leprechauns with a pot of gold

Tattoo Estes
We had field passes for Friday. Much of our day was spent in the grandstand watching the jousting competition - the games (running the gauntlet), the light armour, and the heavy armour. Wow! This is the first jousting we have ever seen. The gauntlet consisted of trying to spear 4 separate rings with the lance, throwing a spear at a target, and hitting the quintain. 
running the gauntlet

running the gauntlet
The light armour jousting has competitors using their lance to touch the opponent's shield. Points are given for hitting the target, especially the bull's eye.
light armour  
The goal of heavy armour is to break one's lance on the opponent's shield and to unhorse the opponent. 
heavy armour - lance breaking

heavy armour  - lances breaking 
We enjoyed seeing many of the clans, the catapult, the bowling ball cannon shoot, many bands, the dog competition, the weaving, the kilt makers, the merchandise tents the shortbread cookie samples were wonderful!, and all of the food vendors. 

We didn't see any of the dancers nor any harps nor the Strong Man Scottish Challenge Competition. We missed many of the bands on the field and we only tried the food at one place. We probably missed things that we don't know we missed! There was so much going on that I'm not sure you could see it all in three days!

We went to the Folk Celtic Concert one evening and saw Highland Way from California, Seamus Kennedy from Ireland, The Brigadoons from Ontario, Canada, and Black Irish Band from California. The lead singer of Black Irish Band is a firefighter and just finished 14 days fighting the Rim Fire. The Aussie Leprechaun also sang.

The parade was on Saturday. A full hour of clans, bands, bagpipes, dogs, and fun. It was a gorgeous morning and there was a large crowd. The tartans are so beautiful - in addition to their kilts and sashes, most of the clans carried flags with their tartans.
beginning of the parade
all ages participated
Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum

'drum' major of one of the bagpipe bands

The dogs usually wore the tartans also; some wore kilts; some even wore tartan neckties - ties not neckerchiefs!
Scottie in a kilt
It was a fantastic weekend. We'll miss seeing all of the kilts - it was definitely the preferred dress this weekend - and hearing bagpipes. Today is a day of rest here - Ray watched the Bears game and the Cubs game. I did some sewing. We plan to go on a short hike this evening. Yes, it's time to keep enjoying life!

P.S. I now know what is worn beneath a kilt but I really don't want to spoil the speculation for you so I'll keep quiet!


  1. What a wonderful Highland Fest.Thanks for the great pics!My daughter was a competitive highland dancer, so we went to lots of similar but much smaller events throughout her dancing years. Love your banner pic! You sure are loving retirement!

  2. Sure hope you didn't look under any of those kilts. You would have gotten an eye full! Looks like a fun time!



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