Saturday, September 14, 2013

Grand Lake, Colorado

After leaving Estes Park, we landed at the Grand Lake Lodge in Grand Lake Colorado . 

This lodge is right next to Rocky Mountain National Park on the west side.
The lodge is straight ahead.
On our way to the steps, we had to stop and see this car and firetruck.
We were warned to watch our step going up the stairs.
It is a beautiful place - we were there once before in 2005 right before it closed. The new owner took over in 2010 and has made many improvements - mostly updating things. 
I couldn't get the entire lodge in  one photo.
I loved sitting on the porch of the lodge overlooking Grand Lake.
It might be my favorite front porch!
In the evening, about sunset, these swings were a hot commodity!
The porch overlooked Grand Lake and the town of Grand Lake.  
The pool was heated - it was tempting to go swimming.
Inside was always warm and cozy. The staff was fantastic.
Always a welcoming fire - the wood fire smelled so good.
We had cabin 62 which is the left side of this building. It was a short walk from the lodge.

Our cabin with a big boulder on the left.
The inside was clean and updated. It was small but beggars can't be choosers! We were delighted to have a dry spot with a bed. The Lodge has larger cabins - they were full.
Our room
I felt adrift. I found that I wasn't alone - many people we talked to felt the same. We often travel in a general direction without a specific plan but this was different probably because we did have a plan and it was abruptly cut short. When we finally put a new plan in place, I found myself relaxing. We were in control of our lives again. 

By noon on Friday, we were both ready to start enjoying our new surroundings. The problem was that Rocky Mountain National Park closed at noon due to mudslides, rock/boulder slides, and flooding. They are only allowing essential/emergency travel because it is the only way into/out of Estes Park. 

The ranger said looking for moose was not considered essential! She told us to head to Monarch Lake in the National Forest. It was south of Granby Lake and a beautiful drive. Next time we are in the area, we'll probably do the 4.5 mile hike around it - the weather looked too iffy on Friday.

Monarch Lake

Monarch Lake
After dinner we were talking to some new friends from Minnesota. They did the hike on Friday - it took 2.5 hours with some rain -and they saw moose!

Now we are in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (our new plan). More on that in a future post. For now, please remember the people of Estes Park and all along the Front Range in your prayers. The situation is not getting better - it is still raining.


  1. Thanks Jeanne for all the beautiful pictures. I can't believe that I've never managed to get up there to Grand Lake. It's so close to us too! Maybe we'll take a long weekend some time this fall. It really is beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous place. The scenery is awesome and the lodge looks humongous!

  3. Rain and flooding in parts of New Mexico, too. I haven't been able to reach another blogger buddy there. The pictures from CO are devastating.



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