Friday, September 20, 2013

Jackson, Wyoming

We headed to Jackson, Wyoming on Tuesday, September 17. That whole day, the song Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash was going through my head. It was rather a boring drive through Wyoming so I got a lot of knitting done. There were a couple of cool bridges like this one - I took pictures through the windshield while it was raining.
Neat bridge in Wyoming
I was delighted when we finally got far enough north that we could see mountains. The clouds were low.
When we got to Jackson, we met up with our friend PattiOn Tuesday, we all headed to Star Valley Ranch. Patti is thinking of retiring there and wanted us to see it. It would be a beautiful place to live. Guess I was having too much fun - I forgot to take pictures! On our way back to Jackson, we drove into Idaho to see the reservoir. After all of the flooding that we've been through, it is rather weird to be in a place that needs rain so badly. 

We visited the local camera store. Ray and Patti are both in a Photography Workshop that started this morning and this is their kind of 'candy store'.

On Wednesday, we all went to the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Most of the art is fantastic. There always seems to be that little bit that doesn't seem to appeal to me! The building is definitely one of a kind - very neat!
National Museum of Wildlife Art
While we were outside shooting photos, Patti began having trouble with one of her lens. Ray found that it worked pretty good on his camera. After checking things, we headed back to the camera shop. Patti ended up with the new camera body that she was contemplating and a new lens. It wasn't a cheap day for her but she has working equipment for the workshop.

In the afternoon, we went into Grand Teton National Park. Patti needed to get comfortable with her new camera and lens. It was a gorgeous day and we all enjoyed being outside.
Patti and Ray shooting the Tetons

My photo of the Tetons
This morning, first day of the workshop, we got up early. Ray, Patti, and the other five (including the instructor) left to get moon set and sunrise photos. They are leaving an hour earlier tomorrow! I spent part of the morning  at the local quilt shop, Stitch 'n Time. I didn't find much - I might have to go back! I also did a few errands. This afternoon I went shopping  downtown. There are LOTS of people around and LOTS of neat shops. 

I have my sewing machine but there isn't a lot of space in our motel room so I haven't set it up yet. Besides, it'll take at least a couple more days to check out all of the downtown!
One of the elk antler arches in downtown Jackson
Our motel isn't very exciting but we are close to the base of Snow King, Wyoming's oldest ski resort. It is right in town. As I sit in our room, I have a great view of the ski runs. 

The weather is turning cooler. There was some snow two nights ago and it was about 30 degrees again this morning. The afternoons get in the high 60s - with the sun, short sleeves are fine.

Our Eye Spy list changed today. Ray saw bison.

Eye Spy:
Pronghorn Antelope
Black Bear - 1
Big Horn Sheep
Many small creatures!


  1. I'm glad you are safe - I've been following your experience with the flooding. How scary.

    I shopped at a quilt shop here in Hilton Head. Most of her fabrics were very modern or batiks (I love batiks but have been told that they're so difficult to hand quilt, so I keep passing the. By). I had to call twice because our GPS kept taking to the wrong destination. So I felt obligated to buy something, so I found a couple of pretty blues. I love blues and will probably use some in the quilt I will make for the boys. I've been "busy" out on the beach or beside the pool basting hexagons. It's been a very relaxing vacation - our best trip to Hi,ton Head yet!!

  2. The picture that you took through the windshield looks like it might be one of those wildlife pass-overs. They help prevent animals from being killed on the highway. You've been seeing quite a few wild creatures. I'm glad the weather is being nice for you.

  3. Looking at your critter list, I got to see a moose last Wednesday morning, just after I left John to start his hike.



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