Thursday, September 12, 2013

We are safe...

Most of you know we are on an extended vacation in Estes Park, CO. We have enjoyed great weather. Then the rains began Tuesday and last night the flash flooding began. What a mess! 

We were in Lyons last night - meeting Ray's cousin, Shawn, for dinner. We drove down the 22 miles in rain and it was worse coming home but we made it fine going slow and easy. Shawn made it back to Broomfield fine too. Thank You Lord! 

We got up to flooding this morning. We heard that CU in Boulder was being evacuated - every building on campus has water. Then we heard that Lyons is isolated - all roads in/out are closed. Now we just found out the Big Thompson Canyon is closed - part of the road washed out this morning. And Estes Park is now isolated - all roads in/out are closed by either water or rock slides. We know that Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is open although many other roads in the Park are closed. We think we could get out through the park if need be.

We are staying in a 2-story house. We mostly live on the second floor - the first/bottom floor has some water. So far Ray has been somewhat able to control the flooding and damage to 'stuff' downstairs. He also has dug a trench on the backside of the house to divert the rain water. We think we are safe so we are staying right here - we are on higher ground. There is a creek below us that has grown quite a bit but it will have to raise many, many feet to reach us.

The good news - we have power and wi-fi and heat. We are dry and have plenty of food. 

The bad news - the rains are to continue through the weekend. 

Ray and I were living in Colorado in 1976 when the Big Thompson Flood hit. This feels so much like that - except this time, people, thankfully, have warning. 


  1. I was checking your blog just to make sure that you are safe. Barbara, over at Cat Patches blog is also in Estes Park, in her RV. She is ok, too. Stay safe, dry and warm. NO DRIVING THRU WATER!!!!!

  2. Oh, my! Not what you were planning on. I was thinking about you today and wondering what was going on there. Glad you had a place to go.

  3. I am so glad that you got back to Estes Park because the next day there was no way out of Lyons. People were being evacuated by the National Guard because they were the only ones with vehicles with enough clearance to get through the water on the roads. Stay safe!



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