Monday, September 9, 2013

Short night

The day started with a gorgeous sunrise. We headed up Trail Ridge Road before 5AM! Yes, another EARLY morning but it was worth it!
Sunrise from Rainbow Curve, RMNP
Late this morning we took a walk because we heard elk bugling in our area. We walked all the way to the main road and back a different way. We didn't find the elk but we did learn more about our neighborhood!

Do you remember what our rental house looks like? Mostly we live on the 2nd floor - the bottom level is garage, 2nd bedroom, 2nd bathroom, and laundry room. The left side is on the incline side of the mountain and the right side is on the downhill side.

Our rental house
Late this afternoon, we heard the elk bugling again so Ray went out on the porch. There were elk near the house. The bull came across our drive and Ray snapped this shot - yes the elk was right below him!

New hood ornament - a bull elk! 
After crossing our drive, the bull went up the mountain on the left side of our house to join his ladies. Ray got a few more photos and I really like this one.

Bull elk near our rental house
It's been raining this afternoon and into this evening. We did go out for dinner which is a little unusual for us. Then we came home - it's unlikely that we'll see animals in the Park or a sunset in this weather. It seems like a good night to stay home!


  1. Wow, that's a gorgeous sunset! And that elk was CLOSE! I too love that second picture that Ray got!



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