Friday, September 20, 2013

Catch up time!

Guess it's been a while - sorry! We've been busy! We've seen a lot more rain but no more flooding, thank goodness! We don't have confirmation but we believe that the bridges we were concerned about in Estes Park are gone. We've seen pictures near the area - if the bridges are still intact, they have to be submerged. 

The photos I'm sharing today are mine - the real photographer in this family isn't here right now to give me any of his!

While in Steamboat Springs, we went to the Yampa Valley Botanic Park. We though that most of the flowers would be gone but we were pleasantly surprised to see so much color! 
Loved these flowers
Neat reflections
There were many little statues. This one was large enough to sit on.
We also enjoyed Fish Creek Falls in Steamboat Springs. In fact we hiked there twice it is a short hike - Ray was trying to get better sun for a photo. Of course there wasn't much sun at all when we were in Steamboat Springs.
Fish Creek Falls
On our last afternoon, we went in search of The Barn. It is an icon in Steamboat - it is on their ski posters:
A borrowed photo of The Barn ski poster
The Barn was actually very close to where we were staying and the directions we had were great. It has been refurbished in recent years. There is a lot more chinking - guess there has been much discussion about that.
The Barn in Steamboat Springs, CO
That last day we had lunch at Johnny B Good's Diner in Steamboat Springs. It was good and fun. What is Ray looking at?
Pretty interested in ???

The milkshake list!
Ray loves root beer milkshakes. He had one and said it was great. Actually our time in Steamboat Springs was great. Hope we get the chance to return one day!

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  1. Glad that the flower were still there when you visited the Botanic Park. The pond with it's neat reflections was very pretty! I liked that cute flog statue too. The picture of Fish Creek Falls was nice. I really like pictures of falls. Ray isn't the only one that likes root beer milkshakes. I used to get root beer floats at Sonic and have them mix it up real good. Yummy!



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