Saturday, September 14, 2013

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

We were able to rent a condo on very short notice using The owner worked with us and had the unit ready by noon on Saturday. We have a good wifi connection so I'm getting caught up with things.

Here is our building. Yes we have a garage and we are on the first floor.
Our building
Entering from the garage, one comes into the dining area and the kitchen. Excuse the mess - we totally unpacked the van. In Estes Park, we packed in a hurry and couldn't find anything!

Dining area and kitchen
From the kitchen you can see into the living room.

Living room
A little closer look - the gas fireplace and the curtains are covering sliding doors.
Living room with couch and loveseat
This is the patio outside our sliding doors
We wanted a one bedroom with a washer and dryer if we could find something cheaper than a motel. This two bedroom, two bathroom was cheaper than a motel and most one bedrooms!

The guest bedroom won't be used except for storage of suitcases, etc.
Guest room
 The master bedroom has a patio outside the sliding glass doors. It is a different direction than the living room sliders. This place is quite large!
Master bedroom
The master bath is down a hallway of closets. Ray thought I should include a photo. Can you see me in the mirror?

We are in and settled. The laundry is caught up - we had dirty clothes and some wet clothes from all of the rain. We've had dinner and Ray's been out photographing the sunset. We've met one of the neighbors. Yes we are settled in once again!

Please continue to keep the victims of the Colorado flood in your prayers. Some places have had 4" of hail and up to 6" of rain today. The weather for tomorrow doesn't look better.


  1. It sure looks like a really nice place that you have found there on such short notice! I would guess that you'd set up your sewing machine in the second bedroom, but I guess it's better to be out in the living room. It sure seems nice & roomy. Glad you are settled in one again.

  2. I love seeing all your have found an ideal place to stay! Try to relax now and enjoy!

  3. So glad you were able to find such a nice place and you are safe and sound. Hmmm wonder if there is a sewing machine sitting in a thrift shop with your name of it for that second bedroom!

  4. What a great condo and a great resting place before your next move! blessings, marlene

  5. What a wonderful time you and Ray are having. I especially enjoyed reading about your time in the Rocky Mountain National Park and to see the Elk is so special. Sad about the flooding but I'm pleased you are safe. God speed on the rest of your travels.



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