Saturday, October 5, 2013

A couple of knitting finishes!

The first is a scarf made from 100% alpaca that I got at the Alpaca Market in Estes Park, CO. The scarf is sooooo soft. The pattern, Lace Panel Scarf by Judy Sumner, is in the book 60 More Quick Knits.

The pattern was fairly easy but I had to look at the pattern for every row so I had to really concentrate. It was worth it though!

The second scarf is made from Mountain Meadow Wool that I bought in Jackson, WY. The name of the yarn is Jackson Now you know why I bought it! and it is hand-dyed in the color Fire. The wool was grown and sheared at the Camino Family’s KID Ranch in Buffalo, WY.

This scarf is my own design. There are 8 rows of seed stitch at each end. The rest of the scarf is a 4X4 basketweave with a 2 stitch garter stitch border.

I have enough of both yarns for a hat or mittens or maybe both!


  1. Your alpaca scarf look really nice! It sure looks soft! Your Jackson scarf looks really nice and warm. I don't know a thing about knitting. That's one thing that I never learned to do. A hat and mittens to go with it would be great! You've got some really nice remembrances of your vacation. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous scarves! Awesome "souvenirs"!!



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