Thursday, September 12, 2013


We have evacuated. 

Low lying residences along the Fall River were being evacuated late this morning. Ray walked out when the rain let up just before noon and was talking to a neighbor. That's when he realized that we had to cross one or another of the Fall River bridges to get out of our 'neighborhood'. The water was at the bottom of both bridges - lots of fast moving, angry water. 

With the forecast, we decided we needed to leave before the bridges washed out. The choice was a motel or Trail Ridge Road. We chose the later - the only way in or out of Estes Park. We are now somewhat settled in Grand Lake, Colorado - safe, warm, and dry. 

Packing up all of our possessions took just about an hour and  with the drive through very foggy conditions, we are tired! But on the way we did see a bull moose, a mama deer with two fawns, and a very welcome patch of blue sky.

Please keep the people of Estes Park and on the front range in your prayers - this rain, with some severe storms, is supposed to last until Monday and the area is already devastated.  


  1. Sending prayers and hugs...stay safe...

  2. Glad you are safe, with blue skies. Sorry your trip got too adventurous.

  3. Very glad to hear that you evacuated! Barbara left by Trail Ridge Road as well and ended up in Breckenridge. They are staying there an second night. We have family all along the front range and I'm happy to say that they are all safe and sound. The only problem is that my sister-in-law flew in this evening and can't get home. All of the roads to get to Greeley are closed, but it's all good as she's staying at her Mom's tonight.



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