Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Holiday Weekend

It was a great weekend - fun and lazy!

Ray went on a mountain trail ride. He was fortunate to see a large bull moose - the first either of us has seen on this trip. Ray couldn't get a photo so we'll just believe him! After questioning the wrangler, she strongly suggested I not ride because of my spine fusion. Ray said it was a rough ride and he said I definitely made the right choice. It was cloudy so he didn't come back with many photos.

We went to the John Denver Tribute Concert. What a great time! The opening band was Chain Station
Chain Station
They were good - it was the first time we've heard them although their start was in Illinois! Brad Fitch and the TropiCowboy Band did the John Denver Tribute. 
Brad Fitch and the TropiCowboy Band

Of course sitting with a backdrop of the mountains made the concert better than great!

from grandstand in Estes Park
And we had a beautiful rainbow - you probably can't see the double. Then we had rain - yes in that order!

from grandstand in Estes Park
One day we walked downtown to the Arts and Crafts fair. Lots of really neat things. 

We had lunch at Picnic in the Park - our favorite pizza place in town. We really need to try something else on their menu!

The Alpaca Market was at the fairgrounds. This was a first for us. The alpacas were so cute, so friendly, and so soft! 
at Alpaca Market
at Alpaca Market
The owners were friendly too! I loved loved loved the yarn - most of it was 100% alpaca. So soft! Can you believe I bought some?! Enough for a vest and a scarf and a hat. Oh, I could have bought so much more!

Sunday morning we were up early, very early - way before sunrise. We were at Sprague Lake while it was still dark. We hiked in and Ray set up the tripod and camera using flashlights. Then we waited for the sun to rise. Gorgeous! We spent some time with a couple from Estes Park, a man from India via Texas, and a man from England. All of us were there to see and photograph the sunrise.

Sprague Lake Sunrise, RMNP
Sprague Lake Sunrise, RMNP
Sprague Lake early morning, RMNP
Bear Lake early morning, RMNP
There was lots of time for relaxing. Well, kind of! I decided Saturday night to wind one of the skeins of alpaca yarn. I laid it out carefully and began. I don't remember what happened - my mind is probably blanking it out - but all of a sudden the yarn was a mess.
600 yards of tangled alpaca yarn
After many hours, the yarn was finally rolled - no knots, no tangles, - whew! I am buying the gadget to roll yarn the next time I see one!
600 yard ball of alpaca yarn
We enjoyed the sunset Rocky Mountain National Park near Beaver Meadows.
Sunset near Beaver Meadows, RMNP

Eye Spy:
Black Bear - 1 
Big Horn Sheep
Many small creatures!


  1. Ray's photography is just spectacular!!
    Happy knitting -

  2. Beautiful shots of the sunrise. Lucky you.

  3. Rocky Mountain High, in Colorado! Bet that concert was fun!



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