Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 NewFO Challenge - May Update

How can it be the end of May already??? A lot of this month was spent on the road again but I did find some time to quilt. I'm following the NewFO Challenge where projects don't have to be finished ... just started each month! Visit Barbara over at Cat Patches and see what everyone else has started this month.

Ok, what did I do in the sewing room in May?

1. I started the month by making some little wallets. They are great for gift cards or scrip.

Four little wallets
2. Starry Night - Why start something small like a table runner when I can start a quilt? The pieces are cut and all of the blocks are made!

There has been progress on other projects started this year because we arrived home on May 24 and I did not allow myself to begin anything else!

1. My Crazy Eights quilt is together, waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

Crazy Eights ready to be sandwiched and quilted

2. I have the fifth block done for my BOM. I've started adding corner setting triangles to the blocks that I have finished. I have the sashing made and am in the process of making the corner stones.
block with setting triangles
block with sashing and corner stone
3. The entire interior of Spring Bouquet is quilted! The four borders are all quilted! The pieces needs to be put together with some finishing quilting. Then the binding.

I have lots of new projects I want to begin... at least one or two coming in June! 


  1. I love what you accomplished in May and can't wait to see your June projects!

  2. Very cute projects. I love all the colors you've used. Thanks for linking up today.

  3. Very pretty projects. Really love your Starry Night project and love the colors in your BOM project.

  4. You got lots done. I've barely stitched in May.

  5. Your little wallets are so cute and your Crazy Eights look really good all put together. I like all those cute stars you've got going. The borders for you Spring Bouquet is just adorable! As always, you've done so much!

  6. My you've been busy! I have one of those little wallets that I received as a gift. I even bought the pattern so I could make you've got me thinking they would still be a great project.

  7. Wow, I especially love your BOM, looking forward to seeing the entire quilt. Great projects all around!

  8. Love all your projects!! Especially like the yellow border on your Crazy Eights quilt.



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