Friday, May 31, 2013

Knitted scarves

I am knitting some items for our church bazaar in the fall. Hopefully I'll have a few things finished since I decided to do this a few months ahead of time.

While in Washington DC/Alexandria, VA, I made this green scarf. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Encore Chunky, a 12 ply. The pattern is Spring Revive Scarf by Jill Bujold - a free pattern on It it a darker green tweed than it appears and is heavy and soft - perfect for out winters. 
close up of green scarf
green scarf
I began the blue scarf a while back and finished it when we returned from Washington DC. The color is darker like the second photo. Again, the yarn is Plymouth Yarn Encore Chunky, a 12 ply. The pattern is Seeded Reversible Cable Scarf by Teryn Pierce, also a free pattern on

closeup of blue scarf
blue scarf
I haven't had time or taken the time to block either one yet. 

I was able to get matching yarn and will start hats soon. . . as soon as I finish my sweater!


  1. I struggle with such projects in the warmer summer months. I know they are so portable, etc, but can't seem to "wrap my head around" the knitting thing. I'll have to work at changing that as I was gifted with some awesome yarn and have decided to make another pair of fingerless mitts (since I wore them constantly last winter!!!!). Love your projects a lot!! Hugs, on this soggy Sat. a.m.!)......

    1. Thanks Doreen! I hadn't knitted in years. Then a friend retired last fall and took up knitting. We decided to meet every month for lunch and knitting - it has revived my love of yarn! Awesome yarn is enough to get me clicking the needles! Good luck getting your mitts done! We have sun this morning! ~Jeanne

  2. Beautiful scarves ... I especially like the blue one, but then blue is my favorite color and I love anything with cables. ;-)

    How are you all doing up there in northern Illinois? We've had some serious storms with way too much rain here.



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