Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crazy Eights it together!

Well, the quilt isn't finished but the top is together! It is a gorgeous day and I have been sewing with the windows open – so nice!
Crazy Eights on the design wall
I decided to use yellow and white for the border. I wanted this to be a bright, happy quilt. The inner border is a ¾” strip of white. The outer border is the same size 2” squares that are used in the interior of the quilt.

I played with the layout. It came down to this or the purple (upper right) and the turquoise (lower right) being switched. I finally just chose one!
Crazy Eights ready to be sandwiched and quilted
Here you can see the inner white border – it goes across the outside border. If it didn’t, I thought it might make one dizzy looking at the checkerboard not lined up.
Close up of Crazy Eights

The quilt is 49 ½” square and will be a donation quilt when it is finished. The entire top is from my scraps - it has been fun to make.


  1. Beautiful! I love the white border on it and the yellow just makes me smile!

  2. That quilt just makes me smile, and I love that pieced border!

  3. This is a very cheerful looking quilt!! It's gonna make some kid happy, happy, happy;)



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