Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A very nice weekend ... and more

We arrived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina late Thursday afternoon. Our son Brad and his family weren't able to join us until Friday morning so we went for a walk on the beach and just relaxed.

We all agreed to rent a house we found on vrbo.com. It was in Corolla and had 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms - big enough for all 9 of us. There was a living room type area on each of the three floors. In addition to the living room, the kitchen, dining room, and our room were on the top level. I think the kids loved going up and down the steps! At one point Ray was counting TVs but never finished! One great luxury was having two dishwashers!

Beach House in Corolla
We spent Friday afternoon at the beach enjoying the ocean and the beach. The kids were so tired by dinner - all were in bed and asleep early!

Saturday was rainy so we did lots of crafts - paper, glue, and scissors provide LOTS of entertainment! Then Grandpa and Daddy pulled out a Monopoly game. Grace played for the first time and won! Jackson was the banker and Colter spent some time playing around with Grandpa. Crosby and Ivy were both napping.
Sunday morning we were back at the beach. The water was cooler so we spent most of the time playing in the sand. The kids also experienced sand crabs for the first time.
Grace, Colter, Brad, Sheila, Ivy, Jackson, and Crosby at the beach
The house sure was quiet after they all left Sunday afternoon.

We packed up and left yesterday morning. Last evening we enjoyed dinner and a great visit with friends in Durham, NC. 

It was during dinner that we first heard about the tornado that hit Moore, OK. My heart breaks for all of the people in that area. 

Tonight we are in Barboursville, WV. We have storm warnings and are watching the weather. Not sure what tomorrow will bring so we are trying to figure out how to cross the weather pattern on our way home.

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