Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Day of Travel

We travel not to escape life
for life not to escape us!

We left Ohio on Wednesday and traveled to Staunton, VA. Shortly after we began this long for us travel day, it began to rain. Eventually the sun came out and we had a beautiful, very warm day. There were a few strange things that kept the day interesting.
We stopped for lunch right at noon. Since we knew we had at least 5 more hours of driving, we decided on fast food which is rare for us. We got off at an exit and went to McDonald's. Although a big sign said it was open, the drives were roped off and there were  workers all over working.  So we headed to a Diner but the parking lot was full. Next was Arby's. There was quite a line so we just waited. And while we waited, we listened.
  • We are out of wheat buns, would you like ...
  • We have no fried foods, would you like to replace the fries with a side salad, a pie, or a lava cake?
  • We don't have any large cups, would you like 2 smalls for the price of a large?
  • We don't have any wheat buns or Hawaiian buns, would you like ...
  • We don't have any Pepsi ...
They were running out of food and supplies as we stood there! I asked if a truck was expected soon. The lady said she had called in a special order and the truck was expected between 6AM and 1PM. It was 12:30PM. The poor workers were having a tough time keeping up with what they did not have!

Oh, we did get a couple of sandwiches! but no fries and no Pepsi
In West Virginia, we were traveling on a highway with very little traffic. About every two miles there was a sign that read "Road work next 2 miles." This went on for many miles but there wasn't any road work! Do you suppose people avoided the highway because of the road work that wasn't happening?
Evidently some places have an easy way to catch their criminals. We saw signs with variations of the following message:
Drug Activity
Impaired Drivers
Call *777
Such a neat idea to have them call in themselves! We were impressed! lol
It is always nice to have beautiful scenery and fun, interesting happenings on a travel day!

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