Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sauder Heritage Inn

We stopped in Archbold, Ohio so we could see the Sauder Historical Village

We stayed at the Sauder Heritage Inn which is on site. We got a great package deal including tickets to the village and a gift certificate to the restaurant. Sometimes, one gets really lucky. We went to eat at the Barn Restaurant and the $11.99 buffet had a special that night for seniors - only $6.99! We both ate too much and after using the gift certificate, we got cash back!

When we checked into the Inn, I met a couple of ladies that were part of a quilting retreat. They took me on a tour - 50 quilters were at the Inn for 4 days working on their UFOs. What fun they were having! 

We walked around the Inn - so spacious and pretty and LOTS of quilts. The Inn was build like a barn with the neat supports. The metal work, wood work and everything else was done here at the Village and the quilts are hand-quilted. Let me share some views of the inside.  

The entrance lobby
The entrance lobby

More of the entrance lobby

One side of entrance lobby fireplace

Closeup of above quilt

Close up of above quilt

A closeup of the quilting in the quilt shown above

An inside courtyard

Breakfast room. Pool is to the left.

Pool - photo taken from the second floor. Breakfast room with tree is on the left.

Quilting detail on quilt shown above
A sitting area on the second floor

Detail on quilt shown above
 My wonderful patient husband cannot stand crooked pictures!
Guess I didn't take any photos of our room. It looked just like the pictures on the website AND we had wonderful cookies waiting for us when we arrived in our room!


  1. Wow! If we ever have to head to Ohio to visit relatives I'm going to have to remember this little Inn.

  2. Looks like a quilters haven, for sure!

  3. So did you ever find out what thy UPC code meant? Looks like you're having a fabulous trip.



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