Sunday, May 26, 2013


Home! We arrived late in the day on Thursday and have been busy:

  • unpacking done ✔
  • laundry done ✔
  • mail has been sorted and read ✔
  • bills paid ✔
  • groceries bought ✔
  • phone calls made 
  • went out to eat and visited with Ray's brother ✔
  • went to Firemen's Steak Fry ✔
  • yard work done ✔
The chores are done! So this afternoon even though it is dreary and raining, it feels wonderful to be home - there is time to quilt and knit! Yay!

I love to travel and I always love to come home - that makes for many good days!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, it's fun to travel and great to come back home. We got back on Friday and are getting all caught up. I even got some time in the sewing room. Life is good.



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