Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Treasures from Elkhart County

A while back, I decided to pretty much stop buying fabric at random - I needed a plan for whatever I purchased. Since we were in QUILT SHOP COUNTRY,  I had a PLAN!

I decided that I was going to look for yellow and gray fabrics on this trip. I've never done anything in those colors before.  Although I don't have a pattern in mind, I now have enough grays and yellows for a quilt!
(I'll apologize for all the photos - the lighting in the motel room is not ideal.)

I also wanted some corals and teals. Again, I don't have a pattern in mind but I have enough fabric.

Then I found oranges, one of my absolute favorite colors. This was not in my plan but oranges are ALWAYS a good find! This will probably be some type of bag.

I need a baby quilt in November. Of course, it is too early to know boy or girl so I bought fabric for one of each. That means I'll be prepared for the next one - maybe! The pinks are very soft - not washed out as the photo shows. I have the pattern and the Moda Cuddle Cloth (like a Minkee) for the backing!
And for a little guy, this soft blue with yellows will be perfect! Again I have the pattern and Cuddle Cloth for the backing!

I didn't take pictures of my thread, needles, etc. but I did photograph this ripper with the eraser. The ripper is normal and the white end helps remove the broken threads. I tried one in the store and loved it.

I did not get a picture nor did I buy the ripper that looked like a pair of hair clippers. It was super neat though but I don't usually do that much tearing out. Of course, that ripper was on back order so I couldn't buy it anyway!


  1. Such pretty fabrics! They will turn into some lovely quilts.

  2. Love the treasures you needed to have...love your plan! I also have one of those seam rippers...best thing since sliced bread!



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