Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dodging Storms

When you come to a fork in the road....Take it  
                                      ~Yogi Berra

We began the day in Barboursville, West Virginia. After checking the weather, we just wanted the fastest way to central Indiana. Typically we would head through Cincinnati and then on to Indianapolis. The weather reports looked like we were going to be in storms all day - at times heavy. The worst storms were predicted for all of Ohio and eastern Indiana. 

We put our faith in Maize, our GPS for the fastest route. Maize brought us across Kentucky through Louisville into Indiana. We hadn't followed that route for a few years. As we headed north on 65 in Indiana, the traffic was quite heavy so we eventually left the interstate behind and traveled a secondary road. 

The first rain we encountered was about 3:30 in the afternoon! It ended by the time we stopped in Crawfordsville, IN for the evening at 4:30! We never did get into the heavier rains!

This is our last night on the road - we should be home tomorrow afternoon. We have had a great trip. Now I am looking forward to being home and having some time to quilt!


  1. I hear you on wanting to get gome and to get to quilting. We leave Florida tomorrow nd while I hate to leave the beach and to not wake up to smiles and loving from my Ts, I am looking forward to getting back home and o getting back to quilting, too.

  2. Looking forward to knitting with you, too!



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