Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A big finish!

Spring Bouquet is finished! And I love it. I bought this quilt as a kit. The designer, Edyta Sitar, has an amazing sense of design and color. This is the first large (72" X72") quilt that I have appliquéd. This quilt is not my style at all - but the colors drew me in and I had to try it.
Spring Bouquet
The appliqué pieces were all laser cut with the fusible already on. I did have to cut the background pieces, iron on the appliqués and do the actual appliquéing. 
In the backyard

I really liked the quilt and then I added the binding - who would've thought that the binding would make the colors pop even more!

I was trying to get a picture on the back porch - I think I should have had Ray hold it!
This is machine quilted. First I outlined all of the appliquéd pieces and than I did small stippling - about a 1/4" scale - in all of the backgrounds spaces. The checkerboard border is done with a back and forth stitch just to add interest. 
Each little square is 3/4" square
I always wash my quilts. I used a Color Catcher sheet and it definitely caught color!  

Then I put the quilt in the dryer and hoped for a little scrunching - look at the texture! Wow!
And another close-up.
As I said this quilt really isn't our style but WE LOVE IT so we will find a spot in our home somewhere!


  1. Oh my, Your quilt is just stunning! well done.

  2. Amazing! If you ever decide you don't like it I can find a place on my wall for it! Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Me again - I think you need to plan a trip to scenic New England this fall. Late September/Early October would be lovely with the changing colors.

  4. Lovely! If you can't find a spot for it, I have a spot.

  5. Jeanne....I bet you are glad you followed through on this one!! Edyta is one of my faves and I've been so tempted to get one of her kits. Too many quilts in my head before I can go that direction! Your finish is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Doreen, I am really glad I did this. I would love to do another of Edyta's designs but I don't think it will have appliqué!

  6. Oh. My. Word. That quilt takes my breath away! Simply gorgeous! Since it's not your style, I'd be happy to come up and get it. ;-) Gorgeous ... simply gorgeous!

  7. Your Spring Bouquet really turned out beautiful. I really like all the texture you got with that scrunching!

  8. That's lovely. I finished the same pattern recently but it isn't back from my long arm quilter's yet. I really like your version. The textures after being washed and dried make it look so inviting.

    1. Thank you. I just saw the same pattern today quilted in an overall pattern that was quite large. It also looked great. I'd like to see yours when it is finished. ~Jeanne



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