Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A fun day in the White Mountain National Forest

Today was gorgeous - lots of sun, warm temperatures, and beautiful scenery. We left 'home' and drove south to North Woodstock, NH, where we picked up the Kancamagus Highway (highway 112) to Conway, NH.

We stopped at some scenic overlooks.

Eventually we arrived at Sabbaday Falls. The hike up was easy and less than 1/2 mile. We walked along a beautiful  stream

and eventually reached the falls. This falls makes a right turn so you can't get a full picture of it.

At one point I just took a photo up through the trees.

This is that same stream as we hiked down.

Next stop was Rocky Gorge, a very scenic area close to the highway. The stream here was more like a river - much wider.

Just down the road, we stopped by the Lower Falls. There were many falls and people swimming in some of the "pools" or just getting wet. Many had lawn chairs and were enjoying the day.

With this view, I took off my hiking boots and socks and soaked my ankle. It was like an ice bath! I remember soaking our feet in mountain lakes many years ago when we lived in Colorado. It was very refreshing for tired toes. Today was no different and it really helped the swelling. 

We had lunch at the Lower Falls

and then saw this inukshuk on a boulder by the water. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path." We feel we are definitely on the right path!

We drove across the Albany Covered Bridge built in 1858.

Just outside of Conway, we drove across the Saco River Covered Bridge built in 1890.

We enjoyed seeing Conway and North Conway. We stopped and walked a couple of blocks in North Conway - I loved the Five and Dime Store, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It reminded me of the stores I loved when I was young.

We continued on our trip by driving north and west on Highway 302. We only made one stop and that was at Silver Cascade. This waterfall started way high and made its way down the rocks. It was right by the highway.

Our trip was around 100 miles and took us about 7 hours. Of course we spend lots of time taking pictures. Even though you are seeing my photos taken with my iPhone, is it obvious to you that Ray loves to photograph water?  


  1. Beautiful shots! I love seeing all the waterfalls. Water is such a calming medium.

  2. I have sewing machines older than the 2nd bridge, but, not as old as the first bridge ;) I love 5&Dime stores.



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