Thursday, May 5, 2016

One more finish

We are getting ready for an extended trip but I did manage to get one more quilt finished. There are three more quilts - four if you count the table runner - waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. 

This is one of two coin quilts I made. The other has red instead of white and is in that "waiting to be finished" pile.

My stash is arranged by color and then further divided by the size of the pieces - fat quarters and larger AND smaller than fat quarters. This quilt is made from the smaller pieces. I love using those small 'leftover' pieces of fabric. 

The binding is also scrappy. I save my leftover binding pieces Oh my, I'm beginning to sound like a hoarder! and enjoy using them on quilts like this.

This quilt is 62" by 64". I used Dream Cotton batting and Aurifil thread for the piecing and quilting. The quilting is straight lines done with a walking foot. The lines are the same direction as the long white strips.

This is a donation quilt. I'm hoping someone finds it rather cheery. 

Now I will get back to my to-do list. We leave on Wednesday for about a number of weeks. I'll be checking in every so often and keep you updated.


  1. Love the quilt and a perfect scrappy binding! I think all quilters have a little hoarder in them!

  2. I prefer to think of saving scraps as being frugal. Ha! Gorgeous quilt!

    I am looking forward to following along on your trip. You always see such interesting sights on your travels.

  3. I save my leftover binding, too. I seldom use it, but, I have used it at times.



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