Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oops! I shouldn't believe everything I'm told...

I found out today that there are a few Walmart stores in Vermont. However they are few and far between. There is also at least one Lowe's but no Target stores here. There are no big box stores in the areas we've been in - so it was easy to believe that there are none. Guess I should have checked it out!

This has been another beautiful day - sunny and highs probably in the 70s. We didn't need jackets or sweatshirts all day. We spent much of today in Middlebury.  

We began our day at Danforth Pewter where  every piece is handcrafted. It was fascinating to watch the pewterers and learning about the steps in the process. I wanted to watch the lady running the lathe for hours!  

We visited Pulp Mill Covered Bridge. "This is a two-lane bridge of three spans, and one of only six remaining in the United States. It had the additional distinction of being the oldest covered bridge in Vermont, but was restored in 1984."

We went up Otter Creek, just north of the bridge and looked back -  lots of waterfalls under the bridge.

We had a picnic in the Marble Works area, looking at the waterfalls that are downtown. This was the view from our picnic table.

Later we were walking downtown and saw our picnic area from above the falls. We had lunch a little left of the center of the photo.

Downtown Middlebury has some neat building and churches. It was interesting to see the architecture. 

We found The Quilter's Corner aka Sew-n-Vac. It's a small shop with a very friendly clerk. 

A closeup of that neat quilt on the building:
Surprise! I found a few pieces for my stash and a couple of pieces in the sale room.

I thought this sale piece would make a neat back.

We have bought and been given some Vermont pork. Ray grilled pork chops for dinner tonight - they were excellent! We seem to have a lot of food around here thanks to our hosts so I decided to fix a strata for tomorrow - I'm trying to use up some English muffins, half and half, eggs, and sausage. I cooked most of the sausage and we both had to taste it. It was delicious with no grease! I think we'll be stopping by BJ's to get more!

As I'm writing this, Ray is watching for the sunset. He called me to the windows to see the foxes playing. There are at least four and the little ones are very playful - jumping and running.

Tomorrow will be another adventure. Today I was able to wear my hiking boots with the brace on my ankle. I'm hoping to give up the brace soon. The pain is getting less and the swelling is going down. Every afternoon, before dinner, I elevate my ankle and usually fall asleep. Not a bad life at all!


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip! So glad to hear that your ankle is improving. Enjoy the sights and those quilt shops!

  2. That's excellent news about your ankle. Sounds like and Ray are having a fabulous trip.

  3. A few big boxes got in. Still no McDonalds or Burger King in the capitol of Montpelier.



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