Friday, May 27, 2016


Today is granddaughter Ivy's birthday. She is a little doll. We just talked to her and she feels very grown up at the ripe old age of 5! 

We are in Bath, Maine. As we entered the state, the first buildings I saw were pale yellow with white trim - just like I thought Maine would look! We left New Hampshire early this morning and arrived in Freeport, Maine before lunch. It looked like we'd be in rain all day but we haven't seen any moisture since last night. 

We had to stop at LL Bean and look around. 

Then we had lunch at Linda Bean's Maine Kitchen. We were about half done eating when Ray asked why I hadn't taken a picture of our lunch. So I took a couple then. He had a lobster roll and I had a naan with mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach, and a basil pesto. We both had their homemade chips. It was a great lunch!

The town of Freeport is full of outlet stores and today it was full of people - it is a holiday weekend! We arrived early enough to find a parking spot and enjoyed look around.

We arrived in Bath around 2 PM. Our rental is an apartment in an 1800's building. It is clean and modern and a very welcome change from our last place. The neighborhood is welcoming and walkable. We've been to the grocery store - it was a little zooey but what would you expect on this Friday afternoon?! After dinner, we plan to take a walk.

In New Hampshire, we stayed at Warm and Cheery Carriage House in Bethlehem, an airbnb rental. The owners were very responsive to questions and the place had been nicely painted but there were numerous issues including: the building was is serious need of some renovation/repair, the place had that 'old' odor, and things were not as clean as we would have liked. It is not a place we'd recommend.

We did have a great time in New Hampshire and the White Mountains. It is a beautiful state.


  1. Love Bath and we stopped at LL Bean but didn't stay for any meals. The area is so beautiful!!! Enjoy the lobster rolls (I have very fond memories!!!)!

    1. So far, we are impressed. This is a gorgeous area! ~Jeanne

  2. I've been to the LL Bean store. We went back in 2007, when we celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a trip to Maine. Have a lobster roll (or two) for me, and some blueberry pie. Wish I was there with you.

  3. So excited that you have crossed into Maine! Have been to LLBean and to Freeport. I can imagine the place is hopping on this holiday weekend! Enjoy your stay...hope you don't get too tired of lobster!

  4. So glad you got to hit Freeport! Enjoy your stay.

  5. DH keeps "pestering" me to agree to a trip to Maine. I told him that you were in Maine now, and he's hoping that your reports will persuade me to agree to go to Maine. I have to admit that I'd love to visit LL Bean ... and lobster rolls? Yum!!



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