Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back in Lancaster County, PA

In Greensburg, Pennsylvania, we stayed at Darling Cozy Upscale Cottage. It was a very clean rental with everything we needed. We had plenty of room although the bathroom on the first floor was small.  It is definitely a 5 star place!

Here is the photo that I wanted to take yesterday - the iconic photo of Fallingwater. Ray graciously shared his. He really is a great guy!
Doesn't this look just like the magazine photos?
Today we drove the Pennsylvania Turnpike all morning. Now we are back in Lancaster County. First stop was Weaver Dry Goods outside of Lititz, PA. Woohoo!

This is one of my very favorite fabric stores. I found a few pieces to add to my stash...

My stash was very low on pinks - this will help...

The Mennonite ladies working were very talkative. We chatted for quite a while and shared some tips. 

One of the ladies asked if we were going to Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire - I'd never thought to go there but now it is on the possibility list! A customer the one buying Chicago Cubs fabric, said we really needed to stop there so we'll see.

We decided to stop in Lititz since we had never been there. There are lots of little shops and restaurants downtown. We walked a couple of blocks and enjoyed the area. It would be fun to return and walk much further - there are lots of beautiful buildings and churches in the area.

We  arrived at our rental house and were moved in before the rain started. We have an attached garage so our car didn't even get wet. The afternoon was spent watching the Cubs win while my foot was elevated. I'm doing better but I'd love to see the swelling go down. 

We don't have specific plans for tomorrow. Think we'll just see what the day brings.


  1. Love that Lititz shop!! Your stash additions are right up my alley, too!! Lancaster County is one of our fave spots, too. Been a while since we've been there-----maybe it's time to plan? Enjoy........

    1. I think Weaver's is by far the best quilt shop around here. I would bring back lots if money were no object! I think it's time you guys hit the road. ~Jeanne

  2. Wow, that really looks like a magazine cover or postcard. Well done, Ray. (But that's no surprise, is it?) Thanks for sharing your stops and explorations with us.



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