Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bath Time*

The deep forest shelters the spirit and nurtures the soul.

Yesterday I bought a pendant that was made in Maine. The name is Deep Forest and the card had the above message. The artist name is not given so I can't give credit but I like the message.

The weather cooled off during the night. It was refreshingly cool this morning. We decided to hike. 

About mid-morning we headed to the Whiskeag Trail. We did turn the right way at the corner this time! But we had a little trouble finding the trail. We found it going one way but the direction we wanted was difficult to locate. We did find it eventually but it evidently is not well used - no path and no markings. 

So we drove to the Thorne Head Preserve and hiked/walked the Overlook Trail. It was a very nice walk in the woods.

At the overlook, we found a cute mushroom table.

The view from the overlook was partially blocked by trees.

On the way back, we retraced our steps and spent a little time at the swampy pond area. The frogs were very talkative!

The clouds moved in about lunch time but we didn't get any rain. After lunch we went to the Maine Maritime Museum. It is located on the grounds where the Percy & Small boat builders were once located. Many of the original buildings remain.

The Wyoming, the largest wooden schooner in the world, was built there in 1909.

On the campus there is a sculpture at the location where the Wyoming was built and launched. It shows the hull and stern and the 6 flags represent the 6 masts. It is made to scale and it is HUGE!

This is the oldest surviving figurehead from a Maine vessel. It was hand carved from wood in Bath around 1824.

We were looking at some scrimshaw and saw this swift, an unusual and rare scrimshaw piece. A swift expands to hold yarn while it is wound. 

 This display of buoys was so colorful.

As we walked out of one building, there was the Lobstermobile!

Now we are relaxing. Tomorrow will be a short travel day. We hope to do lots of sightseeing as we head north. Rain is forecast so it might be a wet drive but we are prepared. We always have rain gear with us... 

* Ray supplied the name for this post!


  1. What a lovely pendant! And the sentiment is indeed lovely.

    I hope the rains aren't too much of a bother tomorrow. Have fun.,

    1. Oh, and it will soon be time to update your maps at the bottom of your blog page. ;-)



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